About Us

Who we are

One creative team!

MACFLY FILMS was founded in 2014 by music producer, music publisher, and entrepreneur Charlie Mac. MACFLY FILMS was started to give independent artist an opportunity to have their music featured on an international platform that creates revenue, and generates performance royalties. Most of the videos are done on small budgets, but are delivered with the same level of intensity as a major feature film, or a world premiere music video. We strive for excellence every chance we get. That same drive and determination goes into every project we work on.

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What we do

Work hard, play harder.

MACFLY FILMS is a film production company, owned and operated by Mac a Million Dollar Man Musick.  We work hard to create engaging content that can be monetized. We have worked with a variety of entities creating content for record companies, recording studios, music artists, clothing, shoes, automobiles, Ad Agencies, restaurants,  magazines, parties, events, concerts, etc. We can take a few pictures, and turn them into a hot 15 second video clip, or 15  minutes of video footage into an epic short film. We put countless hours into making sure every project is just right.

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